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2023 Official Rules

  • $50 buy in for members (payment details at bottom of page)
  • Members must play the selected course of the month to be announced monthly.
  • Members must play with one other member to attest his score
  • Members must download either “18 Birdies” or “The Grint” to track scores / develop handicap. Developed handicaps will be incorporated into final scoring 
  • Members must post first score at course of the month as official score for that month. (You can play the course of the month as many times as you please, but the first score taken there will be posted)
  • No “gimmie putts” or breakfast balls. Hazards must be played laterally (If hit out of bounds you may drop at point of entry of OB and will be hitting 3)
  • Max score on a hole will be 1 over double par
  • A two to three day golf trip & tourney will take place in July as the championship. Champion will be presented a trophy and jacket at the end of championship weekend

Perks of a champion

  • Dinner paid for via BOOTSHOOTERS golf club members last night of golf trip championship weekend
  • Champion will select next years golf courses and order they are played in
  • Name engraved on trophy 
  • Extra monies left over will be given to champion
*Members outside Houston area must submit a course or two similar to the course selected in Houston area. Subject to approval.*

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Direct questions to Michael Brooks

Potential Houston Courses

Sharpstown (January 2023 Course)
Gus Wortham
Hermann Park
Jersey Meadows
Quail Valley – El Dorado
Quail Vally – La Quinta
Wildcat – Lakes
Wildcat – Highlands
Clear Creek
Pearland Country Club
Tour 18
Houston National
Black Horse
Golf Club of Houston
Cinco Ranch
Pecan Grove

Valor Creek 2023 Championship Weekend

Philip J. Carroll masterfully eyeing the green to assist Joe Burks with his first ever Eagle putt.

The putt attempt WAS successful.

Debut album coming soon.

Brooks: “I had a terrible round today”

Chance: “What’d you shoot”

Brooks: “76”

Chance: *downs beer*

Rumor has it he’s still standing there pointing to this day…